Hi, I’m Teddy Skokos.  I’m a father to my teenage daughter Caitlin, an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author, a fitness junkie, a self-help enthusiast, and a reformed golf addict.

I’m also a tax attorney who has been helping business owners and investors save taxes for three decades. In addition to my law degree, I have a Masters of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) from the University of Denver.

I was born with entreprenuership in my blood. At a very early age, I was dreaming up business ideas.
Like many kids, I did the lemonade stands.  But I had much bigger dreams.  When I was 10 years old skateboarding was the craze.  We had no skateboard stores in town fro my friends I to go obsess over super cool skateboards and gear. So I saw opportunity to blend business with something I loved. I decided to open a skateboard store…at age 10!

I was super excited! I called product manufacturers, got wholesale pricing catalogs, decided which products I wanted to carry, made pro forma financial budgets and forecasts, picked out a retail location in a nearby strip mall, etc. But unfortunately, being only 10 years old, believe it or not my parents said no to it. After all of the work I had put into it – can you believe that?? Ha!

Fast forward to when I was 13…I finally got to start my very first “real” business!  I got several neighbors in the neighborhood signed up. I bought a mower, weed-eater, edger, blower, a Billy Goat lawn vacuum, the works! And I bought a trailer to haul all of it with my mom’s station wagon …since I wasn’t old enough to drive yet.

I maintained many yards for several years and earned quite a stash of cash for a teenager.  I also loved cars. The Nissan 300ZX was my dreamcar.
By the time I was 16, I had saved up enough money to buy myself one!

But as I got older and I had to start paying taxes. I became obsessed with understanding how our tax system worked. I wanted to know all of the ins and outs so that I could save as much in taxes as possible on this money that I had sweated and toiled to earn. I wanted to learn every legal tax saving technique I could find.

My passion for saving taxes and for entrepreneurship naturally aligned into and converged into a lifelong career as a tax lawyer who helps people minimize their taxes to the maximum extent that the law allows.

Now, I’ve taken all of the time-tested tax elimination strategies that I learned and developed over the last few decades and turned them into my simple, organized and comprehensive Tax Elimination System™. It’s easy to understand, easy to use..and yes, even fun!